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Radio Operators

Are you an FCC licensed Ham operator? Fantastic! We have a fabulous weekend that uses all of your skills and equipment!

The radio team at a rally is used to for multiple tasks. Each racing section needs radios at the starts and finishes to check cars and bikes in and out of the stages. This helps us track all the racers. We also need comms to help move around resources, as rallies are very dynamic beasts, racing through different sections of road throughout the day.

It's best if you can bring along a mobile rig with a proper car-mounted antenna. There are some stations where a handheld will work, so let us know in advance if that's what you're bringing. Part of the fun of doing radio work at a rally is that you can't just drive up to the top of the hill to make contact, so step up to the challenge! :)

Nearly all communication is done on the 2 meter band. That and 50 watts will mean you can get put just about anywhere. We may have a few extra challenging spots, so let us know if you have a J pole or directional.

To sign up, create an account within the volunteer database. You'll be able to tell us what radios you have, what times of which days your available with, and who you would like to work with. We'll do our best to find a great assignment to match!

So get ready for a fun weekend of racing and radio!

Organized by Anders Green of Lina Racing

RallyTennessee NASA Rally Sport