Rally Tennessee - May 24, 2008 - Linden, TN

Monday May 26 - 5:48PM
We've just arrived back at home. There have been some requests for T-shirts, so we're going to do another run. Here are some paypal buttons, and at the end of June we'll run a set for whatever we have orders for.
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Sunday May 25 - 7:03AM
Wow! What a big day of racing! Cars and bikes alike delivered incredible performances! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get internet connectivity yesterday. The scores are posted, and because of very late score posting, are provisional now. Inquiries will be accepted by email till noon tomorrow.

Saturday May 24 Update 1 - 5:29AM
A very slight haze can't stop the moon from shining brightly in the sky this morning. The volunters are starting to get up and moving, and the faint sound of race engines is floating through the air. Race day!

Friday May 23 Update - 11:24PM
Registration has now been completed. The recce went smoothly, the most surprising event there was a friendly pack of stray dogs who loped down stage one early in the morning.

The practice stage started on time and went very well, everyone got plenty of runs. One disappointment was a thrown rod for Micheal O'Leary, who made it to just within sight of the finish line of his first run, followed by a long sit down and subsequent withdrawal. Seamus Burke discovered that half-shaft length choice was critical, and that his current choice came up short. Linden machine shop to the rescue.

There was a Parc Expose following the shakedown around the County Courthouse. A fantastic historic backdrop for the high tech racing machinery and live country music put on by the Commodore. Local dignitaries stopped by with well-wishing for the racers.

The volunteer meeting got started at the Community Center with plenty of gusto. Lots of enthusiasm from the local fire departments, who get to start up the pumper trucks to fill the chicanes tomorrow. The radio group included some very experienced folks.

The cars rolled in to Parc Ferme and are locked away for the night. Cars and competitors both need to get as much rest as possible before race day early tomorrow!

The start order for tomorrow is available now.

Thursday May 22 Update 2 - 9:15PM:
Registration is still ongoing as teams are picking up their stage notes for the crack-of-dawn recce. Most of the motorcycles are in and teched already. The Novice Competitor Orientation has just completed, plenty of fresh faces are joining us for the tarmac attack.

Thursday May 22 Update 1 - 10:00 AM
The weather is looking fantastic for the event! Volunteers and competitors started arriving yesterday. The town is planning multiple concerts in conjunction with the event, only a couple blocks from registration. See you soon!

Welcome spectators and volunteers to Tennessee for the second event of the Atlantic Rally Cup! This is going to be a great event, as many rally team are raising their game and bringing serious tarmac-eating equipment to Linden!

Organized by Anders Green of Lina Racing

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